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Goods Flow Team Leader

Bukarest, București - Beliggenhed Logistik Fuldtid



You have a keen interest and experience in retailing and logistics.

You will be responsible for the execution of goods flow processes within your area of the store. You will do this by coaching and working alongside Goods Flow Co-workers, cooperating with partners in Sales and Com In, and working with the Sales and Supply Support team to maximize our store's logistical performances.

You have:
-Ability to lead based on performing and delivering while learning and developing.
-Ability to build trust and communicate in a clear and targeted way with different people in various situations.
-Ability to manage a high-volume and vibrant retail environment..
-Ability to make things happen with flexibility, speed and simplicity.
-Ability to work during early and the late hours of the day.
-Ability to communicate confidently and clearly in English.
-Ability to work through others, set priorities, delegate responsibility and give open and honest feedback.
-Ability to inspire and engage others.
-Business-minded with a clear customer focus.
-Ability to meet agreed budgets and goals, work on plans.
-Problem-solving experience.
-Ability to identify need for and drive change in ways of working.
-Ability to reflect and find value and ideas in collaborating with others.


-Understanding of budget, cost and key performance indicators and how to use them to plan, follow up and steer the business.
-Analytical and numerical skills.
-Skilled in creating an efficient and cost-effective commercial performance.
-Understand and actively use all IKEA manuals, specifically the In-store Logistics the IKEA Way manual to build additional competence.
-Skilled in retail and/or logistics processes, tools and working methods.
-Sound understanding of the IKEA Code of Conduct, as well as regulations and legislation relating to health, safety and security.
-Knowledge and skills of safe and efficient forklifts' driving working methods confirmed by Forklift operator certifications according to IKEA rules and Local legislation.

-Work closely with the Goods Flow team to secure correct usage of short term capacity of the store in order to maximize efficient logistics operations with the right balance in inbound and outbound volume by considering space, equipment and people.
-Influence and lead the goods flow co-workers within the assigned area or responsibility to secure the highest goods availability and enable customer order fulfillment at all times at the lowest possible cost.
-Identify, recruit, retain and develop the many talents in the goods flow team to secure a diverse, competent team that can execute it’s assigned responsibilities with confidence and secure the future succession.
-Contribute to positioning the IKEA store and the IKEA Brand as responsible partners in lowering environmental impact by taking relevant actions that contribute to achieving long-term profitability in a sustainable and environmental way.
-Contribute to optimal implementation of sales location management process in the self serve furniture, news management, shop is in excellent shape as new, fully and efficiently stocked and you act quickly on commercial opportunities (overstock and out of stock) and range allocation.
-Live the IKEA values and nurture a strong and thriving IKEA culture that inspires colleagues to reach extraordinary achievements in the store and especially in the goods flow team.
-Ensure that goods flow co-workers work in compliance with the IKEA code of conduct, internal IKEA regulations and local legislation relating to health, safety and security and the environment.
-Contribute with relevant goods flow input and feedback to the logistics action plan and ensure that these actions are implemented in the inbound- and/or outbound goods flow processes.
-Share knowledge of effective and efficient goods flow operations within assigned area of responsibility with colleagues and business partners to support their competence development, including understanding of the principles of health and safety in goods.
-Secure effective, qualitative and efficient daily goods flow operation within the assigned goods flow process(es) in order to guarantee customer shopping experience through quality of products, merchandising and stock accuracy.