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Business & Data Analyst MEGA Khimki

Khimki, Moskva oblast - Beliggenhed Forretnings- og kundeanalyse Fuldtid



• Deep knowledge in commercial property business: operations, investment process, tenants performance, sales and visitation analysis, community and marketing.
• IKEA business tools, processes and cycles: Knowledge of Ingka Centres business tools, processes and cycles.
• Ability to take in new information, compile, organize, analyse and make relevant conclusions from substantial amounts of data
• Strong and well proven collaboration skills
• Ability to make things happen in a fast & flexible way during change
• Performs work with care and attention to detail
• Data accuracy and consistency
• English – Intermediate level and higher
• desire for self-development and learning
• peculiar approach & analytical skills
• ability to work in tough timelines & under pressure
• ability to express thoughts clearly
• responsibility
• initiative / independence
• ability to prioritize
• Advanced PC user, high level of proficiency in MS Office applications


• Provide relevant, user-friendly business information, make analysis and understanding of performance and support making optimal decisions.
• Responsible for detailed analysis on customer behaviour and habits based on external data from the market. Maximizing of usage of existing and new data. Support in the development of ways of targeted communication with customers.
• Defining and analyzing customer insights using through surveys.
• Perform data analysis to identify trends, present it in an understandable and actionable manner, assist Meeting Place Management Team to identify opportunities and potential risks, in order to develop action plans.
• Perform and provide multidimensional data analysis based on commercial and financial data available (including visitation, sales, conversion trends, income, costs interdependency) to ensure clear understanding of current MP performance status and support possible action plans development.
• Jointly with IKEA analyse store visitation / conversion trends and its interdependency with MP activities to create a basis for actions with the aim of driving visitation to IKEA.

• Perform tenants sales analysing (by categories, throughout Ingka portfolio) to ensure clear OCR understanding, relevant commercial conditions implementing, maximizing TNR, and protect INGKA from low performance risks and possible frauds.
• Support Meeting Place Manager with local budget and budget follow-up coordination, on business case related data analyses.
• Support Meeting Place Manager on local budget scenario planning to analyse the risks and possibilities of MP performance, considering local market trends, giving a base for actions planning for MP management team.
• Support MP Managemenr in the development and tracking of KPIs for Marketing and Community campaigns.
• Co-operates with local Business Navigation team and with other teams of a Meeting Place and Facility Management to accomplish common goals.

There’s a big difference between doing things right and doing the right things. In our team we gather insights from big data to make sure IKEA does the right things. We’re a diverse group of people who spend our days digging into consumer behaviour and how people live their lives at home. You could say that we know the trends before they’re actually trends – and we use that knowledge to create a better everyday life for our customers.