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Nanning, Guangxi Zhuangzu Zizhiqu - Beliggenhed Restaurant (IKEA Food) Fuldtid



• 你具有服务意识,始终以顾客为中心
• 你以销售为导向,热爱食品并喜欢与人沟通
• 你拥有在充满活力的零售环境中工作的经历; 以及管理并发展团队的经验


1.Attract visitors to the IKEA store
2.Offer a range that appeals to the many people on the market
3.Strengthen the low-price profile of the IKEA store
4.Strengthen the quality perception of the IKEA store
5.Contribute to a day out for the whole family
6.Strengthen the Swedish profile of the IKEA store
7.Build trust for the IKEA store among customers, co-workers and suppliers
8.Ensure that IKEA co-workers get a good meal for a low price
9.Serve the many store visitors
10.Be efficient and generate a reasonable profit


• 我们作为团队一起通过提供物美价廉的食物,令访客因美味的回忆持续光临宜家商场