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Stage Sustainability_Ikea Parma

Parma, Emilia-Romagna - Beliggenhed Bæredygtighed Intern



• Degree in sustainability or similar
• Passion for sustainability and high motivation about making IKEA People and Planet Positive.
• Inspired by our vision "to create a better everyday life for the many people, within the limits of the Planet".
• Strong desire to connect people and contribute to the business
• Knowledge of the key sustainability Italian networks and global tools
• A strong leadership and communication skills.
• Good knowledge of how to balance and merge environmental, social and economic aspects to define sustainability and how IKEA uses that knowledge in striving to ma business within the limits of the planet.
• General knowledge on relevant sustainability subject matters within the specific topic/market area, with the desire to develop deeper knowledge and grow in the sustainability field, at least, at country level.
• General knowledge of activity planning, the commercial calendar and how to ensure customer engagement and retention.


• Be the right business partner for Market Manager to define the local market sustainability strategy.
• Collaborate and align with all the units’ functions, internal as well as external local relevant stakeholders to secure sustainability is integrated in the Market business plan.
• Ensure the implementation of sustainability strategy is perceived by customers in stores (through events, workshops, etc) and in the market to increase the positioning of the brand.
• Ensure a local Green Team is in place and well organized.
• Secure local execution of the country sustainability direction and ambitions, to drive sustainability initiatives, processes and projects.
• Develop a good understanding of specific sustainability situations and share key initiatives, projects and directions of the Market with country sustainability function.
• Have a good commercial knowledge of the Market and a good engagement capability to connect and involve all the relevant unit functions in implementing PPP in store (focus on IV Ace and Green Thread).
• Support local P&C, Facility and HFRD in communicating sustainable mobility actions, energy efficiency, water
management, renewable energy and waste reduction to other CWs and customers.
• Support local P&C in training co-workers around sustainability and be sure that all the CWs are good ambassadors of
the PPP messages.
• Have the responsibility to follow up «circular» projects in store: like As Is 2.0 and other projects (e.g. Green Black
Friday) that will involve the Commercial Team, Recovery department and the Customer Service.
• Scout local organizations and have continuous relations with them to reinforce the IKEA Market positioning as a good neighbor for communities (with a specific focus on social entrepreneurs).
• Follow up the budget and resources monitoring to move the sustainability agenda forward in the Market.
• Follow-up sustainability performance and progress of the Market based on the country business plan, Group tools,
methods and key KPIs (% local PPP sales share, sustainability perception, % local training on PPP and planetary footprint).
• Coordinate the internal functions and activities to guarantee good compliance audits and PPP Commercial Reviews results and working processes.
• Facilitate the integration and implementation of sustainability by supporting the units’ functions with the right information, best practice solution, tools and methods and ways of working.
• Proactively identify challenges and opportunities and/or supporting the market leaders in overcoming challenges and optimizing opportunities.
• Documenting and evaluating initiatives and activities with a view to capitalize on learning, sharing with the other markets and promote continuous improvemen


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