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Product Compliance Manager

Shanghai, Shanghai Shi - Beliggenhed Salg Fuldtid



• Broad knowledge of the importance of safe and compliant products and how it contributes to IKEA business and growth agenda
• Broad knowledge of IKEA concept, brand objectives, IKEA Culture & Values and vision
• Broad knowledge of direction setting, creation of strategic and operational goals and plans as well as follow up on KPIs
• Solid and deep knowledge about Country regulations/requirements/ law - especially import law/custom process.
• Broad knowledge of IKEA tools, methods, and processes
• Broad knowledge of operational plans and goals as well as follow up on KPIs
• Good knowledge of change management methods and tools as well as stakeholder management
• Broad knowledge of INGKA Group strategies, priorities and business planning process
• Good knowledge of change management methods and tools as well as stakeholder management
• Good knowledge of the legislation and standards applicable for the IKEA product range within home furnishing and/or Food as well as a good understanding of how to influence these


• Act as a member of the PQR&C (Product Quality, Recovery & Compliance) team and proactively contribute to PQR&C plan/output in order to deliver to the common objectives and goals
• Lead the product compliance work and team in the retail market, ensuring that we offer safe and compliant Home Furnishing & Food products to our customers.
• Lead the dialogue and lobbying with & towards Retail market government on key compliance topics
• Lead, network & influence Inter IKEA Range & Supply with the goal to prevent, correct and improve product compliance deviations realized in the retail
• Influence the product development process in PDC and Inter IKEA Range & Supply to enable long term sustainable compliance development of the retail market range
• Lead range compliance crisis management with local and global stakeholders
• Monitor, identify, and report on national regulation, industry standards, health and safety standards
• Ensure the end-to end compliance of the IKEA product offer throughout the retail operations
• Ensure that market stakeholders are kept informed about product safety and compliance related deviations and/or risks.
• Implement common product compliance processes, ways of working, tools and KPI’s, and develop action plans to address any product related non-compliances and risks
• Secure processes are in place to ensure timely and qualitative reporting of any product safety or compliance related deviations or incidents to the producer/s
• Lead the product safety & compliance deviation and recall processes
• Ensure fulfilment of reporting obligations for product safety to local authorities
• Establish and maintain good working relationship with national consumer authorities
• Actively cooperate with all key stakeholders within commercial and beyond to secure integration, common focus and maximize impact (for example Digital, CFF (Customer Fulfilment), Communications, Sustainability, BNOF (Business Navigation Operations & Finance), People & Culture)
• Be an active player in driving an open and sharing climate, being a role model of the IKEA values, and contribute to the transformation of IKEA


We deliver sustainable, extraordinary growth by creating a new, unique, inspiring and convenient meeting with the customers. We deliver a multi-channel experience that adds value to the many people and inspires a home furnishing movement.